Team Meeting 5-Nov-2012 2.15 to 3.15

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EdFutures team meeting

Our regular catch up and review session

Details Participants

Date: Monday 5-Nov-2012
Time: 14.15 to 15.15 BST
Venue: Digilab (OU Library) + Skype

Organiser: PeterT


Reena (by Skype)



Notes from meeting[edit]

  • Research sources page can be used both for us (which will be really useful) and teachers who are following the wiki.

Note from User:F C Henry

User: Mair created a useful Research Sources page that would benefit from some of the links referenced in the practitioner research cycle. The Find out/Plan/Share pages don't seem to have been created yet (under the main PR page), but should anyone want to pull out the relevant links that can get them from the Practitioner Research Wiki document. (I think it is a good idea to keep the Research Sources page at quite a high level - i.e link to Journals, Search Engines, Web Sites, rather than individual papers Mair 20:15, 5 November 2012 (GMT). What do others think?)
  • We can ask people for feedback in our pages. Encourage our readers to write comments by asking questions to them etc.
To use discussion page for comments, put 4 tildas (~), then one colon (:) which indents once and two colons (::) indents twice and so on.
  • To talk with someone registered to the wiki:
Go on their profile - Click on Talk then what you write will be shown as a banner to the user.
  • We can follow access and read numbers to pages from "Wiki Stats" or "Community Portal then Wiki Stats"


  • Glossary feature will be added to wiki
  • It is nice to keep our pages up to date, although we may use 2 hours of the week for reading and rest for writing or vice versa.

We may work 12 hrs. one week, if we didn't work 6 hrs. last week, that's fine.

  • To keep the consistency all over the wiki, we need to use Harvard-style referencing; not Wikipedia type referencing.
  • Vital website will be used to announce related upcoming events and if there are any worth mentioning past events, will be used (Do we have a special page for it? or Should we just write it in our pages?).
  • There are 3 different meanings of ICT.
    • ICT will be used to refer subject ICT only.
    • If we mention for instance how ICT changed the way we teach (technology enhanced learning) this will be "Embedded ICT".
      (Should this be 'Embedded Technology' so ICT is preserved just for the subject? Mair 19:41, 5 November 2012 (GMT))
    • If we mean how ICT changed the disciplines such as history etc. We will use digital technologies.
  • Vital has a twitter account (@Vitalcpd)and hashtag #Vitalcpd so we can use social media to promote wiki and edits we have done etc.
  • One person will be edit "notes from the meeting" section for agreed decisions and etc. :) Person will be notified from the beginning!

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