Team Meeting 5-Dec-2012 12-00 to 1-00

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EdFutures team meeting

Our regular catch up and review session

Details Participants

Date: Wednesday 5-Dec-2012
Time: 12noon to 1.00pm BST
Venue: Digilab (OU Library) + Skype

Organiser: PeterT


  • Welcome
  • Review of last week
  • Issues/Questions
  •  ??
  • Forward plans
  • AoB

Reena (by Skype)
Subhi (may need to join via Skype or Lync as still sneezing and coughing)



Notes from meeting[edit]

Note-taker: Duygu (Dsimsek)

  • First we talked about some technical Stuff. Peter showed glossary & reference sections.
To see in detail please search for glossary and click on edit page. To see an example glossary page please look for ICT. Here acronym ICT points out to the main page name and main page has the definition of the acronym. Embedded page ICT points the main page out. When we roll over to the link it shows what it means (ICT: Information and Communication Technology). We don’t need an acronym page.
Peter said we should not use glossary category; because otherwise everything categorized as category. Simon said we can turn it off.
Action for Simon: Investigate the problem and sort it out J, do we have to make it manually to put everything to the glossary?

Using {{ or {{:
Note: Do not use the One without Colon
For more information look at the edit page of flipped classrooms example on the main page.
Action for Simon: Simon suggested that we can trasclude parts of pages. So he will look at it to explain us how to do.
Create thing slash overview write header {{: name and under summary write name/ summary and fill the details. In a reference page if there are one or two authors write full name; if more than two use et. al without punctuation.
Heppell & Chapman (2011) /Overview
Sometimes give reference, sometimes summary as an overview I can write note field and write summary.
  • Then Peter mentioned new section on the main page which is called MA & Med Dissertation.Here we will upload unpublished MA and MEds under creative common shares licence. So if you know anyone who wants to publish their thesis let us know or tell your mates about it. We are not putting any PhDs because they are already in the public domain and published. But add a separate PhD page if you want.
  • Then we talked about what we are doing and general suggestions.
Peter suggested how to track what happened since our last login. He is basically looking recent changes section and find his last edit then look top of it to see what others are doing. Or if we want to follow specific pages, we can watch some pages to be informed via e-mail whenever this page edited.
We talked about Levers for change section in the main page. We talked about how to categorise things in one heading to prevent complexity and repetition of the similar headings. For instance, first three (1:1 computing, BYOD and BYOT) can be together and then we can have a summary with link to each. Like “Pervasive tech.” to represent all three and our audience wouldn’t know and distinguish so it can be good to have one and from then we can have separate links. So here is Peter's Action! J Put them in one heading and link


Action for Joe: He will change the colour of internal links because they don’t seem different than the normal text colour; external colour looks fine but internal is not.
  • Finally we talked about our plans and finished the session.
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