Team Meeting 17-Dec-2012 3-45 to 4-45

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EdFutures team meeting

Our regular catch up and review session

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Date: Monday 17-Dec-2012
Time: 15.45 to 16.45 BST
Venue: Digilab (OU Library) + Skype

Organiser: PeterT


  • Welcome
  • Review of last week
  • Issues/Questions
  •  ??
  • Forward plans
  • AoB

Subhi (Skype)




Notes from meeting: 17-Dec-2012[edit]

  • Welcome
Present: PeterT, Subhi, Santosh, Mair, Duygu
  • Note taker
  • Renaming a page
Mair wanted to know if it was possible to rename a wiki page. So there was a demonstration about it: to rename a page click ‘down arrow’ next to ‘view history’ tab on top right hand corner of the page, then click ‘move’, and provide a ‘reason’ for renaming the page, and click‘move’. DONE.
  • Forum new message notification ‘bug’?
Mair reported that new message notifications kept coming every time she logged in even though the messages had been already viewed. May be Joe can figure it out.
  • Transcludeing a part of a page
We talked about some issues to do with embedding a part of a (definition) page in another page such as ‘acronym’ page. For example, when MOOC page was elaborated, it affected the acronym page.The solution was to create a definition page that has the definition of MOOCsuch as “Massive Open Online Course”, and embed the “Massive Open Online Course” page in the MOOC page (e.g., {{: Massive Open Online Course }}. However, the problem gets complicated when a page is not an acronym such as ‘technology across curriculum’.
  • Referencing
Santosh pointed out issues to do with citation in the wiki pages. Some authors’ names were included within parentheses while other were within curly brackets.Santosh will manually check and edit as appropriate.
  • Learning communities, community of practice and Practitioner research
Subhi was wondering about Peter’s question: ‘How do communities of practice relate to learning communities?’. They are related. Peter replied that his intention was to make sure that we were aware of the ideas that underpin these notions. The thread may encourage other Edfutures members to engage in discussion about these constructs.
  • Uploading dissertations
Duygu has voluntarily agreed to upload her master's degree thesis, with distinction, to
  • Working during Christmas and New Year
As some of us were traveling abroad, Peter stated that working hour can be relaxed during the festive season as he believed that we compensate for it later in 2013!
  • other issues
Mair started an interesting talk about the prospects and challenges of MOOC.

Happy New Year 2013 to Edfutures team and all our members!![edit]

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