Schachter (2012)

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Schachter (2012) Creating a robust and safe BYOD program. District Administration. (accessed 20-Aug-2012)

Offers evidence from multiple case studies.

Implementing BYOD can take time. One school district in Minnesota achieved 3000 devices registered out of 21000 students over 25 schools in the 3rd year of a BYOD program. Another district (Fairfax County, Va) achieved 60,000 devices from 180,000 student body. However these devices have been invaluable in supplementing school-provided tech.

BYOD can affect the school network, both in terms of security, but also in terms of slowing network speed at busy times. Schools also found they had to rewrite acceptable use policies.

Over time schools moved towards platform neutral apps like Google docs.

There were some cost savings unless schools were forced to expand network capacity.