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Nielsen (2011) 7 Myths About BYOD Debunked. THE Journal. (accessed 20-Aug-2012)

The myths are:

1. Myth: BYOD deepens the digital divide.

  Response: Gives greater access to school machines for those without.

2. Myth: Lessons are geared toward the weakest device.

  Response: If teachers and students discuss cpability of tech, creative solutions can be found.

3. Myth: BYOD distracts learners.

  Response: Having the right strategies can extend learning beyond the school day.

4. Myth: Teachers need to become experts in all kinds of tech.

  Respose: The kids are the tech experts, so can free teachers to focus on content.

5. Myth: Students will engage in dangerous activities.

  Response: Schools need to work with students on responsible use.

6. Myth: We shouldn't waste our time with low-powered tech.

  Response: These devices (phones) give access to those without high powered access at home.

7. Myth: Leads to standardisation of software and access devices.

  Response: Explain learning goals and challenge students with ways to meet them.