News 5-Sept-2017

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5-Sept-2017 - NP3 meta-analysis report published[edit]

NP3 Meta-analysis report cover.jpeg The NP3 meta-analysis report and a stand alone Executive summary have been published and are free to download from the NP3 website.

The report raises questions about assumptions about children's access to and use of ICT outside school, it suggests a gulf exists between children's digital practices outside school and pedagogic practice inside primary school (which is at least in part due to the curriculum, assessment and accountability regimes in schools), and it illustrates ways in which ICT is being used in primary schools.

Three frameworks are introduced: the Digital Practice Framework for analysing ICT use outside school, the ICT Innovation Framework for analysing ICT use inside schools, and the Innovative Pedagogy Framework for analysing practice inside schools.

Find out more from the NP3 website ...