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22-Feb-2016 - Developing a coding framework for data analysis[edit]

We have now developed a coding framework to analyse the Exploratory Study Data.

The NP3 team have been developing a common coding framework to analyse the NP3 data with. It has taken many hours of discussion to develop something which a)enables us to answer the research questions b)reflects our socio-cultural theoretical approach and c) reflects our data and emerging interpretations. We now have a framework to move forward with for the exploratory studies which focus on describing childrens digital technology practices and the extent to which teachers recognise, value and build on these in their pedagogy. However, many of the codes will also help us to analyse the case studies as they are also about the nature of pedagogy, children's agency as learners, teacher positioning and the flow of practices between non-formal, formal and informal domains. The picture shows one of many theoretical tools we used to devise our coding framework, which comes from Prof Peter Twinings previous work. The work of coding data is well underway. Meanwhile our consultants have been analysing data without the coding framework but we will all be using the common framework for the case studies to ensure consistency.

Check out the NP3 Code System (in Google Docs) and/or Comment on the NP3 Code system