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01-Feb-2016 - Analysing the NP3 Exploratory Study Data[edit]

Qualitative data analysis.png The NP3 team are currently analysing the data we have collected for the 10 exploratory study schools.

One of the challenges is how to most efficiently and effectively analyse the large amount of very rich data when we are several researchers working on different platforms. After some research and trying out different software options we have decided on MAXQDA. It is software for qualitative analysis and one of its advantages for us is that it works across different platforms (we are both apple and pc users). You can also analyse audio recordings without having to transcribe them and photos - which we have many of. Right now we are developing the coding framework and our plan is for a researcher to analyse data for each case study (in most cases, the data they collected). Don Passey will then be carrying out a secondary analysis on all the data during March 2016.