Nagel (2012)

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Nagel, D. (2012) Banning is not the answer to mobile and social tools in schools. THE Journal (accessed 22-08-2012)

This article is a review of the CoSN (2012) report, “Making Progress.”

The author writes that before choosing to restrict the use of social and mobile tools in schools, policymakers and education leaders have to consider the negative impact such restrictions will have on learning.

Four suggestions from the report are highlighted.

1. "Banning is not the answer." Rather, a more balanced approach to access is called for, where fear of technology is replaced by an approach where teachers and students cooperate.

2. Acceptable use policies should focus on policy goals that go beyond the narrow set of Web site access.

3. Schools should use the adoption of social and mobile tools as an opportunity to reach students on issues of digital citizenship, digital literacy, and responsible use of online tools in a supervised environment.

4. Professional development is crucial to the successful adoption of any technology and should be emphasized to support mobile and social initiatives, focusing in particular on legal, ethical, and practical issues.