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Findings related to RQ1[edit]

RQ1 What are the digital practices that pupils bring to their learning in school?

Key finding 1:
There was a wide variation in levels of engagement and sophistication of ICT use. This was often due to constraints placed on the child’s use of ICT within their home arena or due to lack of support due to parents’ own levels of ICT competence and/or concerns about children using ICT. This challenges commonly held assumptions about the majority of children being highly competent users of ICT. Gender did appear to influence children’s digital practices.

Key finding 2:
Whilst the majority of children use ICT primarily for entertainment, others purposively use it to extend physical world interests. Children were agentic, they pro-actively and independently searched for information about things that they were interested in.

See Section 6 of the meta-analysis report for a fuller discussion of the findings relating to RQ1.