NP3 Exploratory Study methodology overview

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The methodology used will be based on the Vital Studies Methodology (Twining, 2014), which in turn was based on the methodology used in the original Becta tablet PC research (Twining et al., 2005) and was subsequently adapted for the Snapshot Studies (Twining, 2013b). The methodology involves seven days of researcher time per study. This includes:

  • one day for staff development to ensure that all the researchers understand the aims and foci of the project, are confident in using the data collection instruments, and are familiar with the data analysis and reporting procedures and templates.
  • half a day for preparation, including liaising with the exploratory study school prior to the researcher visit.
  • one day in the exploratory study setting, collecting data.
  • one day for reviewing and ‘reporting’ on the first day in school and to prepare for the second day in school
  • one more day in the exploratory study setting, collecting data.
  • one and a half days for data analysis and ‘reporting’ on the second day in school.
  • one day for debriefing and sharing initial data analysis