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What is <focus>?[edit]

<Explain the focus (eg BYOT) and why it is potentially interesting.


<Same across all the meta analyses – overview with pointers out to specific instruments>

The case study schools and respondents[edit]

<NOT identifying names in meta-analysis>

Data analysis[edit]

Descriptions of practice[edit]

The Needs that schools were aiming to meet[edit]

Background research undertaken[edit]


Implementations (What did they do)[edit]

Schools future plans[edit]

Impact on the school[edit]

Impact on staff[edit]

Impact on pupils[edit]


Initially, use literature review to identify themes which might be used to structure the meta-analysis - I have provided a potential starting structure ... these might include:


Burden, Hopkins, Male, Martin & Trala (2012)[1] concluded that the single most important factor determining the success of the use of tablets was personal ‘ownership’, in the sense of each member of staff and pupil having a dedicated device, which they could use at home as well as in school.


Having all your work with you at all times leads to greater cross fertilisation across subjects. [2]

What strategies seemed to work?[edit]

What strategies didn’t seem to work?[edit]

Lessons Learnt[edit]



  1. Burden et al (2012)
  2. Burden et al (2012) I think