Mindshift (2012)

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Mindshift (2012) How to Launch a successful BYOD Program. Blog post, 5-Sept-2012. http://is.gd/Ur4XjQ (accessed 7-12-2012)

A case study of a 3-year programme to implement BYOD in Katy Independent School District – a deprived area of Houston, Texas.

The programme was implemented slowly. In 2009 they launched a standardised web-based toolkit, and distributed 130 mobile devices to fifth graders. Then introduced 1700 devices across 11 campuses in 2010. Teachers wanted more devices and BYOD seemed an easy way to get them. After 3 years, 77% of students were bringing their own and 33% of teachers regularly incorporated BYOD into lessons.

BYOD required a change to instruction – kids were doing a lot of learning on their own and the teachers job was to monitor progress and keep students on task. Some teachers had concerns about equity and were reluctant to use BYOD if all students didn't have a device. However, the implementation leader suggests that sharing devices could solve that problem.

Students are allowed to use their devices out-of-class and there have been few problems. It is seen as part of digital citizenship – learning when its appropriate to use devices.

The district received grants to upgrade schools' Wi-fi. Other costs included devices and the data plan, plus training for teachers and other staff.