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You can add a link to your dissertation from so long as:

  1. you own the copyright (you might not as some universities own the rights to students' work) and the work achieved a grade of a good pass or higher (i.e. any of Distinction, Merit, Grade A or B or 70% plus)
  2. you are a registered member of and have filled in your profile (user page) - register now
  3. your dissertation is in PDF format and stored online with a publicly accessible URL (e.g. at or similar)
  4. email confirming:
  • your name
  • your Edfutures username
  • that you wrote and own the copyright to the work
  • the name of the awarding body (e.g. your university), the year it was awarded, and the grade achieved
  • the URL link to the PDF version of the file

Peter will respond with instructions on how to create an abstract for your dissertation on