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Heinrich, P. (2012) The Ipad as a tool for education. Naace report. http://www.naace.co.uk/publications/longfieldipadresearch (accessed 22-08-2012).

Longfield Academy (Kent) has a vision that includes every student having their own learning device.

Ipads were introduced in September 2011. By March 2012 726 out of 960 students (76%) had been provided with ipads through a leasing scheme. A further 100 pupils had ipads not supplied by the school. The researchers surveyed staff and students with ipads and their parents. Some 71 staff responded, along with 310 students and 23 parents.

Extent of Use

Ipads were regularly used by teachers, especially in english, maths and science. Ipads were beginning to be used for homework and other uses beyond the classroom. Students were keen for ipad use to be extended.

Technical issues

There were some technical issues, but were felt to be within the normal parameters for any technology implementation.


Teachers felt ipads had improved their workload and could save on costs. Both staff and students felt that students were more motivated and that collaborative working had improved. However students were much more positive about their progress and achievement than were staff.

The author states that these differences were down to teacher "cynicism" and concludes that "the case is made" for 1:1 devices and that the Longfield approach "works".