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Hastings, J (2009) Don't Worry, Be Scrappy: Good, Cheap Tech for Schools, Cloud Computing and More. School Library Journal. http://www.schoollibraryjournal.com/article/CA6640443.html (accessed 23-08-2012)

Starts from the premise that austerity presents an opportunity for school librarians to adopt new tools including:

Virtual desktops. Save money on hardware support and power consumption. They're not good for processor-intensive apps or "power users", but are very useful for low-demand tasks like web browsing or catalog searching.

Open Source software. Helps schools struggling with license fees - Open Office looks a no-brainer in these circumstances. Open Source library systems may also be worth looking at when licenses expire.

Cloud computing. Much of what was done on the network or desktop computer 10 years ago can now be done on the web. The cloud offers savings on software, storage and support costs.

Netbooks. The relative lack of processor power and storage are not an impediment when the cloud is taking the load.

These things not only save cash but could benefit students, by presenting them with a range of different approaches. However need to overcome the feeling of some parents that their kids are being short changed if they're not using the latest version of MS Office.