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Written by Daniel Needlestone


  • How to use your school's graphics software
  • Techniques for selecting and masking areas of a photo
  • Building up images with layers
  • Using other tools like transparency, cloning, filters and text
  • How to choose the correct size and resolution for your image
  • What file format is best for you


  • How to modify photos
  • How to create a web banner
  • Removing backgrounds from photos
  • Resizing digital photos for the web
  • Adding special effects
  • Making your own buttons and avatars

Share and Showcase

  • Setting up online photo galleries
  • Adding images to a blog

Example Scheme of Work - this will depend on students' previous knowledge and expertise.

  • Week 1: Introduction, basic functions of photo editing program, loading and saving photos. Cropping and zooming. (Have a bank of pre-prepared photos and get students to load and edit them, show the important of cropping and resizing digital camera photos)
  • Week 2: Selecting and Masking photos (getting the bits you want from your photos), saving and different file formats. (Have pre-prepared photos with people or objects against a variety of backgrounds. Show students how to pull out people from backgrounds, have a variety of difficulty levels such as plain backgrounds or multi-coloured backgrounds.)(Have different photos of various sizes and formats to compare space they take and download times)
  • Week 3: Resizing, resolution, integrating and combining photos, blending, cloning and ethics of photo editing. (see Dove campaign for real beauty video, editing photos of models)(Copying one bit of another photo to another one – eg adding one person's head to another's body)
  • Week 4: Layering, transparency, special effects and filters (Building up and editing photos using layers, hiding and merging layers)(Show examples of transparency on documents and online)
  • Week 5: Adding text, creating buttons and banners (look at examples of static web banners and buttons) (look at existing banners and buttons to work out sizes)
  • Week 6: Sharing work online (photoshop tennis, uploading buttons and banners) adding images to a blog. Sources of creative commons photos, introduction to Flickr communities.