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The Future of Schooling | 3.1 Your final task

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Now it is time for you to create your own provocation. You can do this on your own or in a small group - to be honest it would be better to do it in a group (because then you can share ideas and expertise - as well as sharing the work involved!).

The task is to make a short video (max. 3 minutes) or other digital artefact (e.g. a song, infographic, comic, or blog post) which does one or both of these things:

  • Describes your views about what the optimal model of schooling would look like - ‘The school that I would like’
  • Persuades people that schooling needs to change and indicates the sorts of changes that are needed

Your video (or other artefact) should encapsulate key elements from the overview slide (below):

  • Values and beliefs
  • Purpose/Vision
  • Curriculum/Goals, and Pedagogy

The metrics bit is the most intractable element of schooling within our current neoliberal world culture so you might decide not to focus on that …

Remember that anything you share on the Web is open for anyone to see - and potentially to comment on. So don't post anything that you might regret! Be particularly careful about not sharing personal information. If you are under 18 years of age you must check with your parent/carer before you post your artefact.

FoS Overview of PeterTs model.png

The notes you have made as you worked through the FoS materials should inform your thinking about the artefact you are going to produce - in terms of what your views are about how schooling should be and also how you are going to persuade people of your view.

You might want to pull your notes together before you start designing your artefact - highlighting key elements of your vision and your thoughts about what will make your argument compelling.

You might also want to have a think about what sort of artefact you want to create - and how you might create it.

IMPORTANT - You need to be particularly careful about ensuring that you respect other people's intellectual property rights (IPR). In the context of the this activity that means making sure that you abide by any copyright restrictions that apply to material you use in your digital artefact. DO NOT BREAK COPYRIGHT - this applies to music, videos, pictures, texts, and all other media.

Richard Byrne has produced a useful guide to finding media for use in projects such as this.

Once you have created your digital artefact double check that it complies with the rules of netiquette (and if you are under 18 check with your parent/carer) before you upload it to the web (for videos I suggest uploading it to YouTube) and then post a message in the discussion board which provides a link to your artefact.


The artefact you create will feed into my work on the future of schooling. As such it will be analysed and may be included in research reports in a range of formats.

By submitting your artefact you are giving your informed consent for that data to be included in my research.

If you haven't already done so please fill in this form to provide some information about yourself.

Share a link to your artefact