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The Future of Schooling | 2.8 A journal article about Schome Park

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This last provocation is a journal article that I wrote back in 2009 (sorry for self-promotion!) which explains the Schome Park Programme - the project in which we brought hundreds of 13 to 65 years olds into an island in Second LifeTM to give them a 'lived experience' of radically different ways of supporting learning.

Twining, P. (2009). Exploring the educational potential of virtual worlds - Some reflections from the SPP. British Journal of Educational Technology BJET, 40(3), 496–514.

As you read it bear in mind that Schome Park was NOT intended to be our ideal model of schooling - it was intended to help us think about what the key dimensions or aspects were that you would need to consider when developing your ideal model of schooling.

As you read the article think about how it relates to your views about what schooling should be like - and about the aspects of schooling that you need to bear in mind (for example going beyond the physical design of schools to think about deeper aspects such as the assumptions underpinning pedagogy).

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