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The Future of Schooling | 2.1 Introduction to Part 2

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Before you get into watching this first provocation I wanted to explain why I am sharing them with you and what you need to look out for as you 'watch' them.

Obviously, part of my motivation is to persuade you of the need for schooling to change (in case I haven't already done that!).

Perhaps more importantly, I wanted to share a range of different styles of provocation to inform your thinking when you come to the task that you need to complete before the end of the week (where you will be asked to create a provocation of your own).

As you watch each provocation note down:

  • What impact did it have on you and why? This might include thinking about:
    • What assumptions are being made?
    • What evidence is being presented?
    • What alternative perspectives might other people have?
    • How credible is the argument?
    • What are the implications for your practice?

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