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What is a flipped classroom?[edit]

Inevitably there are a range of different definitions of flipped classrooms. We define them thus:

Flipped classrooms refers to a situation in which new technology (the internet, videos) is being used to support learning (often outside 'class time') in order to allow the teacher to spend more time interacting with pupils. Thus rather than 'class time' being used for 'teacher input' (didactic/whole class teaching) it is used for discussion, activities and interaction.

Synonymous terms include: flipped teaching; backwards classrooms; reverse instruction.

For some alternative definitions see the page in EdFutures.net on flipped classrooms.

Why do they matter?[edit]

The argument is that by getting pupils to find out about the basics of a topic before the lesson allows more time for deepening (and checking) their understanding and ability to apply that information during the lesson. In this way pupil's knowledge is increased and learning outcomes enhanced.

Not everyone agrees with this view, though many of the disagreements relate to different interpretations of what a flipped classroom is. For others there is an issue, which I would summarise as learners having got used to be spoon fed and finding it unsettling when they are expected to take greater responsibility for their own learning and engage at a deeper level.


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The case study schools and respondents[edit]

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Data analysis[edit]

Descriptions of practice[edit]

The Needs that schools were aiming to meet[edit]

Background research undertaken[edit]


Implementations (What did they do)[edit]

Schools future plans[edit]

Impact on the school[edit]

Impact on staff[edit]

Impact on pupils[edit]


Initially, use literature review to identify themes which might be used to structure the meta-analysis - I have provided a potential starting structure ... these might include:


What strategies seemed to work?[edit]

What strategies didn’t seem to work?[edit]

Lessons Learnt[edit]