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What are Digital Leaders?[edit]

The Digital Leaders programme seeks to involve students in supporting the effective use of technology in schools. Students take on leadership, mentoring and support roles such as delivering staff training, providing technical support and contributing to technology innovations and initiatives, that are traditionally performed by adults. In giving them greater levels of responsibility, the programme aims to raise levels of self-esteem and confidence, and provide an opportunity to develop leadership skills.

The first Digital Leaders initiative in the UK was led by Kristian Still, Assistant Vice Principal at Hamble Community Sport College, who based it on the American Generation Yes project.


<Same across all the meta analyses – overview with pointers out to specific instruments>

The case study schools and respondents[edit]

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Data analysis[edit]

Descriptions of practice[edit]

The Needs that schools were aiming to meet[edit]

Background research undertaken[edit]


Implementations (What did they do)[edit]

Schools future plans[edit]

Impact on the school[edit]

Impact on staff[edit]

Impact on pupils[edit]


Initially, use literature review to identify themes which might be used to structure the meta-analysis - I have provided a potential starting structure ... these might include:


What strategies seemed to work?[edit]

What strategies didn’t seem to work?[edit]

Lessons Learnt[edit]