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Cuban, L. (2012) Answering the big question of new technology in schools: Does it work? Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice. Blog. (accessed 7-Sept-2012)

Cuban says that technologists first need to ask what is the pressing or important problem that an ipad (or other piece of kit) is the solution?

In reports from school districts, problems that technology seeks to solve are:

1. Devices will motivate students to work harder, gain more knowledge, improve skills, and be more engaged with school.

2. Students will be prepared for a world of work that is increasingly information-driven.

3. Devices will level the playing field for the disadvantaged.

4. Devices will transform teaching.

There is however hardly any research evidence that 1:1 tablets or laptops solve these complex problems. The reality is that many school boards buy technology because they want to be seen as innovative and ahead of the curve.