Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)

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This page covers the use of any form of technology to enhance or change the teaching of languages at key stages 3 to 5 (age 11 to 18).

At Key Stage 3, English schools have a great deal of flexibility in the languages they choose to teach. See UK Government Curriculum Guidance.

The Department of Education is currently consulting on: (1) the draft Order making modern foreign languages statutory for Key Stage 2
(2) a proposal that requires schools to teach one or more of seven languages at Key Stage 2: More details can be found here.

There are many ways in which Computers or other forms of Technology may be used to enhance language learning. In 2009 Mike Levy produced an article describing techniques which support second language learning in relation to grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, pronunciation, listening, speaking and cultural skills. (Levy, 2009)