Bebell and O'Dwyer (2010)

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Bebell, D. and O'Dwyer, L. (2010) Educational Outcomes and Research from 1:1 Computing Settings. Journal of Technology, Learning, and Assessment 9(1). (accessed 20-08-2012)

This article synthesises 4 studies of 1:1 initiatives published in a special edition of JTLA. The increased resources resulted in an increased frequency and variety of technology use by students and teachers. However, despite similar levels of access across the studies, there was substantial variation in technology use that occurred across the initiatives.

There were some common differences in implementation that were linked to variation in technology use. These were related to the roles of teachers and the administration, and to professional development opportunities.

Teachers play an essential role in the effective implementation of 1:1 initiatives and the onus of responsibility for implementation often falls to the teacher. Therefore, special attention needs to be paid to essential supports for teachers as schools and communities decide to undertake new 1:1 initiatives.

Another essential factor related to the need for school level leadership support for 1:1 initiatives and programs.

In terms of student engagement, the studies reported on the positive impacts of the 1:1 initiatives. Across the studies, 1:1 technology access was associated with changes in teacher practices and student outcomes. Participation in the 1:1 programs described was associated with increased student and teacher technology use, increased student engagement and interest level, and modest increases in student achievement. With regard to student achievement, positive increases were observed more frequently in the area of english language than in mathematics;