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Azzurri (2011) Decision Makers' Guide: Developing a Bring You Own Device (BYOD) strategy. Azzurri Communications (accessed 27-Jul-2012)

This is a general business guide, rather than being aimed at education.

Three different approaches are considered:

1. Liberal - bring your own device

2. Hybrid - choose your own device

3. Zero tolerance - get what you are given.

In general, Azzurri asserts, "everyone is talking about BYOD, but few are doing it."

Specifically regarding BYOD, there are pros and cons.


1. It's simple to implement.

2. There are potential cost-savings

3. Users are familiar with the devices


1. Cost savings can be less than expected.

2. Call costs can increase (in education this could include passing costs on to student)#

3. Acceptable use issues can arise

4. Can be conflict between security and privacy - personal use can be different.