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The Alternative League Table for Schools (ALT4S) is an embryonic project looking at the development of a set of metrics for measuring the subjective well-being of a community (e.g. staff and students in a school) which could then feed into an alternative league table based on the subjective well-being of school communities.

The current plan is to develop a web-based system, similar to that used for YOTS to enable schools to find out about the subjective well-being of their community, which, if the school opts in, will then feed into the league table.

Here are some screenshots of the development website (which is designed to work on a smartphone, tablet or PC) ...
Introduction ALT4S Screen A1 17-03-03.jpeg
Aspect 1 ALT4S Screen B1 17-03-03.jpegALT4S Screen B2 17-03-03.jpeg
Aspect 2 ALT4S Screen C1 17-03-03.jpegALT4S Screen C2 17-03-03.jpeg
Aspect 3 ALT4S Screen D1 17-03-03.jpeg
Feedback ALT4S Screen E1 17-03-03.jpegALT4S Screen E6 17-03-03.jpeg
We have work to do on the feedback - particularly if a respondent is 'unhappy'.

If you are interested in ALT4S then get in touch with User:PeterT.

Useful references[edit]

Re the Ferre Laevers Scales for well-being and involvement: